Manoj Bajpayee to play Hindi narrator in COVID-19 Documentary

Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee will lend his voice as the narrator for Discovery’s latest documentary on the pandemic, ‘COVID19: India’s War Against the Virus’.

Shot exclusively in the lockdown period, the documentary will contain interviews with frontline workers, health and subject experts, patients, migrant labourers and all others who are risking their lives and working tirelessly to stop the spread of the deadly virus.

The documentary will bring both the national and global narratives of the crisis and will shed light on the impact of technology in fighting this pandemic yet restoring normalcy.

While Bajpayee has been roped in for the Hindi narration, the documentary will also release in English, Bengali, Tamil, Telegu, and Kannada. The writer-director of the documentary himself, Gautam Vasudev Menon, will narrate the voiceover in his mother tongue, Tamil. 

The documentary will chronicle the journey of the nation ever since the first coronavirus patient in India, a man from Kerala was tested positive. It will shed light on all the key steps taken by the country to battle the fatal virus.

‘India’s War Against the Virus’ is the fourth story of Discovery’s series that talks about the COVID pandemic, the previous three being ‘Invisible Killer’, ‘Pandemic Covid-19’ and ‘The Zoo: Covid-19 and Animals’. The documentary premieres 16th July on Discovery+ and 20th July on Discovery.

Check out the glimpse of the Discovery Exclusive here:

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