Maara on Amazon Prime Video: R. Madhavan’s comeback

Amazon Prime recently launched the trailer of the upcoming Tamil romantic music drama named ‘Maara’. The film is scheduled to release on platform on January 8.

Maara is the remake of Dulquer Salman’s Malayalam movie ‘Charlie’, helmed by Martin Prakkat. The film stars R. Madhavan, Shraddha Srinath and Sshivada.

Madhavan plays the lead role of Maara, who is a painter. Shraddha will enact the role of Paaru, who happens to find a diary full of sketches and beautiful paintings in her new apartment. She is amazed to see these paintings and moves out in search of the painter. The movie is a visual treat filled with a fairytale romance, art and music.

While speaking of the movie, Madhavan said: “Maara extends from being a person to a world filled with pleasant people. The incidents and conversations these people have are grounded yet the experiences they have are surreal, and that makes the audience an interesting part of the ensemble.

“My character has been crafted with foremost importance given to the honesty in the relationships he shares with others. And that trait makes the person somebody that the audience falls in love with instantly. You can feel him touching lives without actually putting in an effort. To me, that was the essence of this guy which got me excited to play him.” 

He also shared the trailer on Twitter:

Maara is the debut movie of director Dhilip Kumar. It has been produced by Prateek Chakravorty and Shruti Nallappa.

Here’s the trailer:

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