Netflix’s ‘Lupin’ returns with more thrills in part 2

Netflix’s original French series, ‘Lupin’, is set to stream from June 11. The heist show set in Paris marks the return of the modern-day burglar, Assane Diop, on his quest to avenge the injustice inflicted on his father by a powerful business family.

The Omar Sy-starrer (of 2011 comedy-drama ‘The Intouchables’ fame), touted to be France’s answer to James Bond, gained universal acclaim by becoming the most-watched series of Netflix reportedly garnering a viewership of about 70 million households worldwide in first few weeks of release of first part of its Season 1 in January 2021.

‘Lupin’ presents a contemporary take on a fictional character, the gentleman burglar called Arsene Lupin, created in the early 20th century French detective novels by writer Maurice Leblanc.

Diop draws up a roadmap for a daring heist, using Arsene Lupin’s legacy, and his own master game plan to outwit his targets in this quest for revenge.

‘Lupin 2’ depicts the next part of the story which ended with a cliff-hanger finale. It will resume after the shocking abduction of Diop’s son, Raoul, by Pellegrini’s henchman and will wrap up the unresolved ends of Diop’s escapades, especially after he is branded as “the most wanted man in France” in the new teaser.

Subtitled, “Dans L’Ombre D’Arsène (In the Shadow of Arsène)”, the second half of season one will have five episodes directed by French directors Ludovic Bernard (known for 2019 movie ‘The Climb’) and Hugo Gelin (of 2019 movie ‘Love at Second Sight’ fame).

In the second trailer released as of May 11, Raoul, is used by Pellegrini as a likely leverage to reach to Diop who suavely makes his way through the heist. Whether he is able to expose the Pellegrini family and clear his father’s name is to be seen when Lupin 2 returns this summer.

Watch the trailer:

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