Love, Death + Robots volume 3: Release date, synopsis, trailer & more

Love, Death + Robots is an animated anthology series returning to Netflix a third time, consisting of short tales of the sci-fi, fantasy, action and horror genres.

Release date

The third instalment in the series will contain 9 new stories. It is set to release on Netflix on 20th May, 2022.


Directed by David Fincher, Emily Dean, Patrick Osborne, Robert Bisi, Andy Lyon, Jennifer Yuh Nelson, Tim Miller, Carlos Stevens, Jerome Chen, Alberto Mielgo

Produced by Tim Miller, David Fincher, Joshua Donen, Jennifer Miller

Written by Andrew Kevin Walker, Philip Gelatt, John Scalzi, Robert Bisi, Andy Lyon, Tim Miller, Joe Abercrombie, Alberto Mielgo, 

Animated by Polygon Pictures, Blow Studio, Blur Studio, BUCK, Titmouse Inc., Axis Studios, Sony Pictures Imageworks,


“Emmy-winning animated anthology Love, Death + Robots returns with a third volume executive produced by Tim Miller (Deadpool, Terminator: Dark Fate) and David Fincher (MINDHUNTER, Mank). Terror, imagination and beauty combine in new episodes which stretch from uncovering an ancient evil to a comedic apocalypse, telling startling short stories of fantasy, horror and science-fiction with trademark wit and visual invention.”

Other details

Love, Death + Robots is an eleven-time Emmy winner and has bagged the awards for ‘Outstanding Sound Editing for a Comedy or Drama Series (Half-Hour) and Animation’, ‘Outstanding Short Form Animated Program’ and ‘Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation’ in 2019 as well as 2021.

David Fincher makes his directorial debut in the animated genre with ‘Bad Travelling’, one of the stories included in the third volume. The episode is written by Andrew Kevin Walker, based on a short story by Neal Asher.


The third volume of Love, Death + Robots features nine new stories aligned with its titular themes.

‘Bad Travelling’ is based on how a ship stranded in a storm, tries to fight off an enormous crustacean. 

‘The Very Pulse of the Machine’ follows an astronaut towing another through a strange terrain where she comes upon a colossal being.

‘In Vaulted Halls Entombed’ shows soldiers navigating the mountains of Afghanistan in an attempt to recover a hostage but are instead faced with spine-chilling creatures. 

‘Jibaro’ is based on a traditional folktale about an enchanting siren haunting a swamp, who uses her supersonic scream against medieval armies but fails to lure a deaf knight, Jibaro. 

‘Swarm’ follows two scientists studying a race of supposedly mindless shrimp-like creatures.

In ‘Mason’s Rats’, the rodents evolve to hunt humans using military weapons and both species engage in a war shedding blood.

With ‘Three Robots: Exit Strategies’, the three beloved robots return, exploring yet another fraction of the post-robot apocalypse human world. In this turn, they take a look at the survival tactics of the long-gone species. 

‘Kill Team Kill’ shadows a group of armed men attempting to kill a murderous cyborg bear in the middle of the woods. 

‘Night of the Mini Dead’ is based around a zombie apocalypse that hit a miniature town.

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