Animated series ‘Love, Death + Robots Volume 2’ ready to tease with mind-bending violence

Animated sci-fi anthology series ‘Love Death + Robots’ is returning with Season 2 on Netflix. The streaming platform has released an Official Red Band Trailer for the series’ most awaited second volume that is set to stream on May 14.

The American adult-only anthology series is a reboot of 1981 Canadian-American animated cult-classic, ‘Heavy Metal’, re-imagined by its creators Tim Miller (of ‘Deadpool’ fame) and David Fincher (known for psychological thrillers like ‘The Game’ and ‘Mindhunter’).

The first Volume of this Emmy-Award winning animation anthology series, produced by Blur Studio, was launched in March 2019 to worldwide acclaim.

A global team of directors and animation studios came together to collaborate on eighteen shorts, of 5-17 minutes each, with its own original story and animation style, boasting of a blend of sci-fi, horror, gore and space-opera.

The second volume of ‘Love Death + Robots’ has eight episodes that span a variety of genres again and the trailer features plenty of weirdness, terrifying creatures, wicked surprises, and gallows humour.

Through this dream project, Miller seeks to bring movies, comics, books, and magazines depicting dark fantasy, eroticism and horror from fringe culture to mainstream conversations.

According to Netflix’s official site, the animated web series is returning with vengeance, taking viewers into the world of illegal, and warns them against consuming the content of the same irresponsibly.

With Jennifer Yuh Nelson, the Oscar nominated director of ‘Kung Fu Panda 2 and 3’, coming on board as a supervising director, ‘Love Death + Robots Volume 2’ is sure to create a stir in the adult animation scene, yet again.

The official description reads:

“From wild adventures on far-flung planets to unsettling encounters close to home: The Emmy-winning anthology returns with a crop of provocative tales.”

Watch the trailer:

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