Light the Night Part 3: Release date, cast and trailer

Set in 1980s Taipei, Light The Night is a Netflix drama series revolving around the women at a Japanese nightclub and how they deal with work, love and friendship.

Release date

‘Light The Night Part 3’ is set to stream on Netflix from March 18th.


  • Ruby Lin
  • Tony Yang
  • Cheryl Yang
  • Rhydian Vaughan
  • Derek Chang
  • Esther Liu
  • Cherry Hsiesh
  • Nikki Hsiesh


“Detective Pan Wen-cheng continues to dig into the murder of a madam at Bar Hikari, dissect the mystery, and close in on the murder’s identity while exposing more dark secrets and complicated relationships along the way.”

Other details

This is the third instalment in the series and picks up after the crash while the women are searching for answers to their questions.


A murder has taken place and detective Pan Wen-Cheng is out to get the culprit. Everyone has something and someone that they have to protect which ultimately led to the murder. Women don’t have a place in society; especially women working at a bar don’t receive respect nor do they seem to have their own will. So, it seems that the murderer did not have a choice and she had to resort to killing someone.

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While people are trying to unravel the murder mystery, some are trying to keep it under wraps. Shrouded in murder, drugs, police and gangsters, Light The Night Part 3, tries to navigate through it all.

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