“It was a once in a lifetime opportunity”: Leonardo DiCaprio on Don’t Look Up

After Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep’s comments on the upcoming Netflix film ‘Don’t Look Up’, Leonardo DiCaprio also weighed in with his thoughts.

Talking about the film, DiCaprio said:

“I’ve often in my career looked for a film that had an environmental undertone to it and what Adam did was so brilliant, using the analogy of a giant comet heading towards Earth and showing how the human race would react to it from a political and scientific level, which I had never seen before.

“It was a once in a lifetime opportunity in a lot of ways. I’m a huge fan of a lot of these films that came from the ‘60s and ‘70s — Parallax View, Three Days of the Condor, certainly Network and, of course, Dr. Strangelove, which talked about the Cold War through dark comedy.”

During the shoot, Lawrence and DiCaprio consulted an astronomer and climate change scientist Dr. Amy Mainzer for their roles. She also advised the cast and crew remotely.

Thanking Mainze, he added: “I must’ve had 100 conversations with her. I’ve spoken to many climate scientists, but our discussions were taken from the viewpoint of an astronomer. It was amazing to see the parallels in their thinking.”

After releasing in select theatres on December 10, Don’t Look Up is all set for its Netflix premiere on December 24 for the worldwide audience.

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