La Révolution: Netflix re-imagines French Revolution

Netflix has released the official teaser of the October-release, ‘La Révolution’, an original series depicting the various incidents of the French Revolution.

From the very little the teaser conveys, it is evident that the Netflix original will relive the French Revolution, as it happened, from its inception to the gradual conclusion, which was predestined to change the course of European history for the ages to come. 

The official teaser of La Révolution is full of historical and cultural references. It shows a white marble head of a French aristocrat cracking up while blue blood, symbolic of elite bureaucracy, drips out of its eyes, lips and neck. It also comments on the historic transfer of power to the common man, (99%) who revolted and brought down the totalitarian monarchy of France (1%).

The show was in development since 2018 and the trailer was released yesterday, July 14, which is celebrated in France as Bastille Day, the day when Bastille prison was stormed and which subsequently fell in 1789.

From the British Crown to the Russian Tsars, back in time to the feudal ages of King Arthur, Netflix’s palate of historical shows has been spectacular. Although the specific date of release has not been announced yet, ‘La Révolution’ will release worldwide this year in October.

Check out the official teaser:

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