Netflix under fire as film ‘Krishna and His Leela’ hurts Hindu sentiments

Netflix has landed itself at the centre of a new controversy after its new Telugu rom-com, Krishna and His Leela, has rubbed Hindu audiences the wrong way.

The plot revolves around a man, Krishna’s life who is torn between his past and present girlfriends. A confused bachelor’s indecisiveness spins a web of lies and cheating as he struggles to commit.

The netizens called for a Netflix boycott on twitter as many found Krishna and His Leela as Hinduphobic and a slander to the religion.

The film showcases the protagonist, who is named after the widely worshipped Hindu god, Krishna, as a casanova. Furthermore, one of his love affairs is with a girl named Radha, which is the name of Lord Krishna’s lover, whose stories are cited in the Indian mythological texts with great admiration.

Krishna and His Leela is full of erotic scenes and since the names of the leads are similar to the Hindu gods, the netizens have taken offence.

Many against the show are arguing that this show is an attempt by Netflix to taint the image of Hindu gods among youth.

The situation is quite active on Twitter:

Check out the trailer for the film below:

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