Kate Hudson on ‘Glass Onion’: ‘Fell in love with my character Birdie Jay’

In a recent interview, ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery’ actress Kate Hudson talked about playing the character of Birdie Jay in the film; a supermodel turned fashion entrepreneur.

She said: “You kind of fell in love with Birdie reading the script. Part of my great desire to play Birdie Jay was hoping that Rian would see me as the person to play [her], because on the page she was just as vibrant and hilarious as she ended up.”

Hudson also praised the costume designer for the vibrant clothes that birdie sports during the movies. “Jenny brought this whole other layer to Glass Onion. I walked into that fitting room and I just saw Birdie everywhere. The silhouettes, the fabrics, and the glitter, the prints, all the jewelry.

“It’s not very often that you get to create these avatars of a character. You could feel that each person has an iconic feeling about them in the costume.”

‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery’ got a limited one-week theatrical release on November 23. The film will stream worldwide starting December 23.

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