Kanan Gill answers existential questions with Netflix

Comedian Kanan Gill sat down with Netflix to answer some of his fans’ existential questions.

The much loved comedian answers letters hilariously sent to him by ‘Inquisitive’, ‘Sad’, ‘Inert’ and more such interesting fans. The questions range everything from gaining closure to believing in aliens.

The video comes after the release of Gill’s comedy special Yours Sincerely, Kanan on Netflix. The standup special premiered on April 24, 2020, and is currently available for streaming.

The official description of his special reads:

In his latest special, Kanan Gill spells out his teenage dreams one letter at a time.

The former Pretentious Movie Reviews host toured with the special for a year and a half all across India. It revolves around audiences finding out if he has lived up to his own expectations.

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The comedian took to Instagram to release the trailer for his special earlier this month:


Netflix has been announcing a string of standup specials lately including those from Amit Tandon and Jerry Seinfeld. Earlier this year, Netflix also announced its lineup for its first-ever comedy festival Netflix Is A Joke Fest.

Until the streaming giant releases more specials, you can catch Gill answering his fans’ questions here:

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