JJ+E on Netflix: Swedish film on teenage romance

Netflix released the official trailer for its upcoming Swedish film, ‘JJ+E’, the modern adaption of Mats Wahl’s acclaimed Swedish novel ‘Vinterviken’, first published in 1993. It is set to premiere on the streamer on September 8.

The story is set in Stockholm in 2021 and centres on Elisabeth and John-love John’s affair. Although the two children were reared in the same city, they are worlds different, economically, socially, and culturally. That is until they begin high school in the same class.

JJ+E features Elsa hrn, a debutant actress, who was labelled a shooting star by Dagens Nyheter. She plays Elisabeth, while Mustapha Aarab, previously known from Beartown, plays John-John. Magnus Krepper, Loreen, Marika Lagercrantz, Albin Grenholm, Otto Hargne, Simon Mezher, Jonay Pineda Skallak, and Elsa Bergström Terent are among the other cast members.

Elsa hrn makes her acting debut in JJ+E. Elsa was born and reared in Stockholm’s Södermalm neighbourhood, and she has wanted to work in film and theatre since she was a child. She began the theatrical program at Södra Latins gymnasium in Stockholm, where she will soon begin her third year, after studying musical performance at Kulturama.

Mustapha Aarab, a Moroccan native, relocated to Sweden four years ago and now resides in Stockholm. He made his acting debut in the television series Beartown, which piqued his interest in the field.

Eld & Lgor, the upcoming single from Swedish pop artist Victor Leksell (Artist of the Year 2021, Grammis), serves as the film’s lead music and is featured exclusively in the trailer.

JJ+E is a Filmlance, Netflix, and Sveriges Television co-production. Alexis Almström directed JJ+E, which was written by Dunja Vujovic and produced by Teresa Alldén.

JJ+E will also premiere on Sveriges Television in Sweden in 2022 following its release on Netflix.

Watch the official trailer for JJ+E:

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