Gripping anime series Japan Sinks: 2020 set to hit Netflix in July

Netflix is doing wonders in the anime arena with yet another card to play with Japan Sinks: 2020, stationed to hit the OTT platform on July 9, with a total of ten episodes.

Gripping anime series Japan Sinks: 2020 set to hit Netflix in July 1
Source: Netflix YouTube

The anime series is based on Sakyo Komatsu’s sci-fi novel Japan Sinks, which has already been adapted into two distinct live-action films in 1973 and 2006. 

Masaaki Yuasa’s Science SARU studio is leading the direction with Pyeong Gang-Ho co-directing series.  

The plot for Japan Sinks: 2020 structures itself around the Mutō family dealing with events that unfold after Japan is hit by a wave of natural disasters and how the government, nagged by the scientists, tasks itself with relocating the citizens safely.

Ayumu Mutō (Reina Ueda), the fourteen-year-old protagonist, joins the track team in a bid to participate in the 2020 Olympics, however her dreams sink with the possibilities of the Japanese archipelago sinking way before anyone anticipated. 

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Before the unfortunate events are shown to hit the country, the trailer features Gō Mutō (Tomo Muranka), Ayumu’s brother, Mari Mutō (Yuko Sasaki), the mother and Kōichirō Mutō (Masaki Terasoma), the father. 

It also showcases fires and broken carcasses of buildings spread all across the nation.

Watch the sci-fi series from July 9 onwards to see how the Mutō family bares the calamities and fights to stay together. 

Watch the trailer below:

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