Island of the Sea Wolves: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

This British documentary series maps down the icy oceans and the thick rainforests of Vancouver Island swarmed with local animals that inhabit the area far away from mankind.

Release date

Island of the Sea Wolves will stream its first episode on 11 October 2022 on Netflix.

Cast and creators

Narrated by Will Arnett

Directed by Jeff Turner and Chelsea Turner

James Honeybourne as Executive Producer


“Digging deep into a corner of the world where the Pacific meets the Canadian wilderness lies the island of young bears, bald eagles and of course, sea wolves among many others found endangered. This series takes us to the world underneath and above the Northern Pacific by telling a story of the creatures of Vancouver Island.”

Other details

Will Arnett, the narrator of this documentary series is a famous Canadian actor well known for his work in the American sitcom Arrested Development (2003-2006; 2013-2019) and BoJack Horseman (2019-2020).


A creation of a volcanic outpost, Vancouver Island is home to various animals. The series throws light upon their instincts of survival and a life that is left under a blindfold for the world to see. Endangered species like black bears, marmots and sea otters are talked about in this series.

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