Eros Now’s ‘Infected 2030’ depicts pandemic at its worst

The official trailer of ‘Infected 2030’ starring Chandan P. Singh and Noyrika Bhateja has been released by Eros Now. The Original film written, directed and produced by Chandan P. Singh will stream on the platform from May 20.

The short Hindi film set in the year 2030 depicts the pandemic situation at its worst featuring how a blissfully wedded couple deals with the anxiety and trauma of loneliness while serving a quarantine period.

The ‘Infected 2030’ trailer highlights a horrible detention-like situation for the virus-affected wife (played by Bhateja) and despite her husband’s (played by Singh) best efforts to get her medically treated, is kept under a two-month isolation.

The situation seems to put their love life to the test as despite being cooped up in the same house they are physically away. Their frustration builds up owing to the lack of physical proximity.

Their illness and their time away is shown to have taken an immense toll on the wife who feels insecure, depressed and anxious. The husband lives her life, as much as living his own; struggling through the same paranoia.

Watch the trailer:

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