Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking faces backlash on Twitter

Netflix’s latest arrival ‘Indian Matchmaking’ is a reality series where matchmaker Sima Taparia tries to find a perfect match for some NRIs with the traditional Indian method of arranged matchmaking. 

The web series, which was expected to deliver some soothing content in the form of matchmaking stories to its audience, has found a lot of netizens’ disapproval. Many took to twitter expressing how cringy and orthodox the show gets as viewers move forward with the series of episodes.

The show is targeted for many different reasons on social media with many highlighting how the show is inaccurate on many different levels. 

Indian Matchmaking is been called out for “colourism, sexism and its toxic desi marriage culture approach”.

The show is now trending in the top 10 list of Netflix in India.

Check out the trailer below and decide for yourself:

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