In Love all Over Again: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

A Spanish series, In Love All Over Again revolves around the love story of Irene, an aspiring film student, who falls in and out of love with Julio over the course of two decades.

Release date

In Love All Over Again is premiering on February 14, on Netflix.

Cast and creator

  • Georgina Amorós as Irene
  • Franco Masini as Julio
  • Albert Salazar
  • Kyle Scudder as Matt
  • Roser Vilajosana
  • Carlos González as Da
  • Blanca Martínez as Jimena
  • Alejandro Jato as Gonzalo
  • Abril Montilla    
  • Andrea Carrión Samaniego as Auxiliar de Dirección

Creator: Carlos Montero

Official Synopsis

“September 2003. Irene comes to Madrid aiming to conquer the world and become a film director. She will meet her best friends there as well as Julio, who would be the perfect lead role for her films and her life. But life has other plans. In love all over again is a romantic comedy. A gleaming story with a dash of nostalgia about the love and friendship that blooms during college years and the need to find your place in the world.”

Other details

Carlos Montero, the creator of the series, is also known for Elite and The Mess You Leave Behind.

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The clip opens with Irene and Julio’s introduction. The story goes back to when Irene aspires to become a director and she comes across Julio, an actor. Quickly, the two fall in love, but over the course of time things get complicated. After the many break-ups and getting back together – will Julio and Irene stay in love with each other?

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