Immigration Nation: ICE and undocumented migrants on Netflix docu-series

Netflix’s latest docuseries ‘Immigration Nation’ will inspect the role of ICE in targeting undocumented migrants in the southern parts of the United States.

The six-part-docuseries will shed light on the immigration condition in the southern borders of the United States through examining the activities of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents (ICE). Weighing equally on both the scales of the ICE and the detainees, Immigration Nation will focus on a big humanitarian migrant crisis that is taking place across the US-Mexico border.

Shot over three years, it will not only feature the personal recounts of immigrant detainees and ICE officials but also activists, lawyers, attorneys, military veterans and other important pillars of US bureaucracy.

The docu-series is most likely to contain high emotions as it brings to life the pain and plight of a wide range of undocumented immigrants, from recently-arrived-in to longtime residents. Even after paying taxes and being legally settled, they will narrate their experiences of facing daily doses of discrimination, prejudice and seclusion as against the natural citizens of the country.

In a bid to protect the public, the ‘cat-and-mouse chase’ somewhere loses its humanity. As much as the show will portray ICE doing its job with formal steadfastness, it will also bring out the human side of the officers, who find it difficult to break the news of the arrest to a family of a crying child.

ICE camps made frontpage headlines in 2018, especially after multiple reports and photos revealed the inhuman treatment meted out to the detained immigrants inside the camp.

As millions take to the road protesting, “Abolish ICE” and one man says in Spanish, “I think the American dream sometimes becomes a nightmare”, the true horrors of the controversial immigration laws and its impact on tens of thousands become clear.

Very recently, Netflix had also released Stateless, a drama series on the Australian migrant crisis. Directed by Shaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau, Immigration Nation releases August 3 on Netflix.

Check out the official trailer of here:

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