I’m No Longer Here: Netflix film crosses borders

I’m No Longer Here is an award-winning Mexican film set to premiere on Netflix on May 27.

The film tells the story of Ulises, the leader of a street group, called Los Terkos, hooked on cumbia music. The people of the group spend their days attending dance parties, showing off their unique outfits and hairstyles.

A misunderstanding with a local drug cartel forces Ulises to flee with his family. Ulises ends up going to Jackson Heights in Queens, a place with a diverse immigrant community. 

Ulises tries to adapt to his new surroundings. However, he soon discovers that people back home are in danger, and he longs to return home.

The film stars Juan Daniel Garcia, Angelina Chen, Jonathan Espinoza, and more. It is written and directed by Fernando Frías.

I’m No Longer Here takes up important issues like alienation that immigrants face, in a country that is not their own, due to cultural differences. The film has been highly appreciated and has won several awards at various film festivals.

Check out the trailer for I’m No Longer Here here:

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