‘I Am Vanessa Guillen’ to stream on Netflix from November 17

Netflix has announced that the documentary, ‘I Am Vanessa Guillen’ will premiere on the streamer on November 17, 2022. It is based on the life and death of U.S. Army soldier Vanessa Guillen.

According to the official logline:

“U.S. Army soldier Vanessa Guillen always dreamed of joining the military, but once she was stationed at Fort Hood, everything shattered: In 2020, after telling her mother she was being sexually harassed on base, Guillen was murdered by a fellow soldier.”

This incident kickstarted an international movement of assault victims seeking justice for the deceased soldier. The narrative also follows her family’s fight for a historic military reform which reached all the way up to the Oval Office.

The documentary has been directed by Christy Wegener who has also produced it alongside Isabel Castro, Lindsey Cordero, Armando Croda.

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Talking about the project, Wegener said, “At the core, this is a story about overcoming the greatest odds imaginable in the name of family, love and justice. This is David vs. Goliath on steroids.

“Taking on the U.S. military, one of the largest, most powerful institutions in America is no easy feat.  In making the film, it was incredible to witness a family, in the most tragic moment of their lives, put their grief aside, step out into the public arena and fight for the greater good.”

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