TVF’s ‘Humorously Yours’ season 3 to release on ZEE5

TVF’s original series ‘Humorously Yours’ season 3 is confirmed for release on ZEE5 as part of their content partnership.

Humorously Yours is a semi-fiction series that chronicles the life of stand-up comedian Vipul Goyal, as he struggles in his career to get recognition.

He even has to fake being his own manager in order to get gigs, The show also reflects upon his relationship with his wife as they often argue over domestic issues. 

The second season of Humorously Yours follows his journey after he gains recognition and success. But now, his fame demands him to deal with the challenges it brings along with it, one of which includes striking a balance between personal and professional life. The second season got mixed reviews.

Alongside Goyal, Rasika Dugal and Abhishek Banerjee play pivotal roles in the series. It also features several cameos by stand-up comedians including Tanmay Bhat, Abish Mathew, Kenny Sebastian, and Kanan Gill.

Along with it, TVF has released a slate of shows to hit on ZEE5 streaming service, including some widely popular shows like ‘Pitchers’ and ‘Tripling’.

Here’s the full announcement clip:

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