Bonyo Premer Golpo 2: Hoichoi’s crime thriller set for return

Hoichoi announced the return of its original series, Bonyo Premer Golpo. Season Two of the thriller will be available for streaming this October.

Recently, the Bengali-language streaming platform had announced its upcoming titles, among which was a new season of this web series. It is a story about the wilder side of love, about the crimes of passion.

Starring Tnusree C, Arjun Chakrabarty, Adrija Roy, Daminee Basu, and Chandni Saha, Bonyo Premer Golpo has an all-new cast except for the sinister protagonist. Season two promises the same level of thrill, horror, and darkness that gripped the viewers of the crime thriller in the first season.

The teaser starts with Tnusree’s character Mini (short for Mrinalini), now in a mental asylum on a full moon’s night. Eerie music and her voiceover announce that the moon has risen, along with the flowers that bloom only at night.

An axe dripping blood is shown next, along with Mini announcing that she is stealthily coming to bring an end to another wrongdoer.

Season One had ended on a shocking revelation about who was actually behind all the murders that had occurred throughout the seven episodes of the first season. A Bengali noir to boot, Bonyo Premer Golpo season two will give you goosebumps.

Who is Mrinalini, a perverted and crazy criminal or the mad genius she calls herself – out to reform the society?

See for yourself if the teaser of Bonyo Premer Golpo season two is as hair-raising as it says:

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