Tangra Blues on Hoichoi: Upcoming Bengali feature film

Hoichoi has announced the first feature film for its upcoming ‘First Day First Show’ slate. The film ‘Tangra Blues’ revolves around two individuals wrestling through the highs and lows of life.

The upcoming movie is directed by National Award-winning Director Supriyo Sen and produced by actor-producer Parambrata Chatterjee.

Chatterjee will also be seen in the lead role along with the actress Madhumita. Actors Saimul Alam, Oishani Dey and Amandeep Ghosh will also star in the movie.

Madhumita said in a statement:

“I can’t contain my excitement related to the project. This is the first time I am working with Parambrata and Supriyo and the experience have been lovely by far. I fell in love with the script from the very beginning and knew I had to do something special with my character. The story of Tangra Blues is very deep and powerful and I hope it will live up to the expectations of the audience.”

Actor-producer Parambrata Chatterjee said:

“I have an interesting character in the film. I would like to thank Supriyo for giving me this character and making me live it. Shooting for Tangra Blues has been a memorable experience with challenges and fun at the same time. Madhumita has been an amazing co-actor and both of us enjoyed a lot on the set.”

Tangra Blues is considerably shot in slum areas of Kolkata. Joey, a passionate musician moves to her father’s apartment near the slums, leaving behind the glitz and glam of Mumbai. She is astounded to see band performance of the slum kids. Her life changes when she meets Sanjib Mondal.

Sanjib Mondal, enacted by Parambrata Chatterjee, is the leader of the slum band. He is also an ex-gang member. The story encaptures the turmoils in the characters’ lives, their musical journey, political and corporate interventions all emerging from the underprivileged sections of Kolkata where underdogs refuse to submit to the powerful. 

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