Hichki: Maniesh Paul’s impactful short film on YouTube

Actor Maniesh Paul has produced and starred in a new short film titled, Hichki, which is available on his brand new YouTube channel.


The four minute movie begins on a light note with Paul’s character suffering from relentless hiccups which won’t go away. Highlighting an old superstition, he recites name of people in his life who might be missing him to try and make them stop.

Eventually, the narrative shifts to a homeless boy and the fim uses this setup to highlight problems being faced by the 2 million homeless children in India during the Covid-19 pandemic, 80% of whom have no form of legal identity.

Hichki has been directed by Kulish Kant Thakur and stars Mukti Mohan and Mohammad Arsalan Ansari along with Paul. Thakur has written the script in collaboration with with Yathartha Sharma.

Watch Hichki here:


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