Sizzling grills on Netflix’s food series ‘Chef’s Table: BBQ’

Netflix has released the official trailer of its food docuseries, ‘Chef’s Table: BBQ’. Taking the audience to a fiery and smoky ride to the grillmasters of US, Australia and Mexico, the show releases on September 2.

Chef’s Table is a food documentary series that selected chef and restaurant owners across the globe and gave a peek into their kitchens and in their lives. Alongside their style and recipes of food, each episode will focus on a single chef and also explore his life struggles, successes and failures.

In the newest spin-off series of the franchise, the common thematic link will be Barbeque. Featuring five chefs with very different settings and styles of cooking, each 45-minute episode of ‘Chef’s Table: BBQ’ will throw light how they have adapted, remodelled and fused it with their own individual visions of cooking.

Uniquely, the show will not only cater to meat, but a variety of other food items, like lettuce and pastry, that are stereotypically not cooked in the Barbeque way. From big, airy open grills, to high-end artistic machinery, from outdoor traditional pits to indoor modern grills, ‘Chef’s Table: BBQ’ will delve into a wide spectrum of Barbequing across cultures.

Tootsie Tomanetz, Lennox Hastie, Rosalia Chay Chuc, and Rodney Scott come together in the four episodic ‘Chef’s Table: BBQ’ to spill out their journey into the business, their ways with the craft, their interaction with the customers and most importantly, their love for Barbeque.

Check out the official trailer of ‘Chef’s Table: BBQ’ here:

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