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Green Lantern set for web series adaptation on HBO Max

Green Lantern HBO Max
Source: DC Comics

HBO Max has given the green signal on the Green Lantern web series. Though in development until recently, the show now has a determined plot and will be co-written and executive produced by Seth Grahame-Smith (Dark Shadows) and Marc Guggenheim (Arrow), with the former as the showrunner.

Grahame-Smith hinted at the recent developments, as he announced his break from twitter:

“Green Lantern” is the name shared by several superheroes appearing in American comic strips, published by DC Comics. A Green Lantern is provided with a magic ring by a race of aliens called the Guardians of the Universe to protect the inhabitants of the universe and combat evil. The Power Ring grants them a variety of extraordinary powers, stemming from their imagination or emotions.

Spanning a total of ten episodes, the web series will tackle several Power Ring wielders, including Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz with Alan Scott, and many more. Scott, the first character ever to adopt the “Green Lantern” title, will be seen as a gay man, like the comics. This won’t be Guggenheim’s first interaction with the superhero, as he also co-wrote the 2011 film, starring Ryan Reynolds.

Earlier last month, it was revealed that HBO Max ordered a spinoff series of the upcoming James Gunn film, Suicide Squad, with John Cena in the lead. The eight-episode series, Peacemaker, will be helmed by Gunn, who will also be penning all of the episodes. Cena will also serve as a co-executive producer.

In addition to Green Lantern and the Suicide Squad spinoff, HBO Max has been occupied with several other DC projects, including Strange Adventures and Justice League Dark, that have been in the works. Harley Quinn, Doom Patrol, and Titans are currently streaming on HBO Max.

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