Friends reboot delayed amid coronavirus lockdowns

‘Friends’ first premiered on NBC in 1994. 16 years after the last episode aired, a special was announced with the original cast; Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer all set to reappear on HBO Max.

The global pandemic situation called for an off in releases and production of many series, movies etc. The ‘Friends’ reunion production has also been halted due to the Coronavirus worldwide breakdown, for which the only prevention is social distancing.

The reunion was being produced and released specially for celebrating the beloved show. The Warner Bros. Studio, where the original show was filmed, was chosen for making the unscripted special.

The cast of original ‘Friends’ talked about the upcoming show with a lot of excitement. Jennifer Aniston, in her post of the entire cast of “friends”, announced the making of the show:

Matt LeBlanc (Joey from FRIENDS) made it on The Kelly Clarkson Show before the quarantine phase to describe how he felt coming back as a team with the old gang.

“We got the band back together without the instruments.”

-Matt Leblanc

‘The Friends Zone’ would now need to wait until the whole cast gets going again with the new special after the coronavirus restrictions.

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