Apple TV+ releases ‘Foundation — Building An Empire’ featurette

Apple TV+ kicked off ‘Foundation’, a magnificent sci-fi series starring Jarred Harris and Lee Pace on September 24. Adapted from the award-winning novel series, ‘Foundation Trilogy’ by the celebrated science-fiction author, Isaac Asimov, the show travels to the future representing diverse fantasy worlds unified by a strong centre known as the Empire.

Even after reigning for generations, the Empire falls short due to the future predictions of a renowned mathematician, Dr. Hari Seldon. The dispute instigates intergalactic wars forcing humanity to the verge of extinction. Can the group of mutineers go all-out to revive humanity from this seemingly irreversible catastrophe?

Apple Plus TV’s impressive implementation of ‘Foundation’ has accentuated Asimov’s visionary tale. The unique storyline, a tense screenplay, excellent graphics evokes interest. The sci-fi once deemed ‘unfilmable’ is now winning hearts since its debut on the streamer.

‘Foundation’ has absolutely said no to green screens and used highly detailed and magnificent sets to gift their audiences a genuine feel. We are shown the exclusive footage of giant sets under construction in different regions of the world. The backstage reveals extremely skilled professionals with an accurate vision putting an arduous effort to set an example.

While describing the innovative creation, production designer, Rory Cheyne said:

“With sci-fi, you can get lost in studio sets. We wanted to open up the scope and get into locations that were cinematic and beautiful. We went to Iceland, The Canary Islands, Malta, and Ireland where we built a lot of really massive practical sets.”

“There were so many elements that needed to work to create these different worlds. Every detail has to be thought about and designed based on what each planet was.”

The sets have been designed with intricate detailing referring to the distinct architectural styles of the different planets. ‘Synnax‘, the world underwater has been exquisitely created with its bulk standing on stilts.

Emmy Award nominee, Lee Pace starring as ‘Brother Day’ said, “This show is massive. There’s an insane size to this world including a planet that’s completely underwater.”

It is produced by Skydance Television. Robyn Asimov, Josh Friedman, Cameron Welsh, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Marcy Ross serve as the executive producers. David S. Goyer serves as the executive producer of ‘Foundation’.

Goyer said, “I think we made something special. And we’re all really excited for the audience to experience it.”

It was mostly filmed in Troy Studios in Limerick with more than 500 crew members. More than hundreds of different craftsmen shaped 170 separate types of sets, 13 variants of spacecraft and six different planets. It was a humongous production and became more challenging due to the pandemic. The make-believe world has been crafted with such care that viewers are bound to feel teleported to that very destination.

Elaborating on her filming experience, Leah Harvey portraying the character of Salvor said:

“Going on those sets was awe-inspiring. They are just made so well. It was amazing to be in one of those sets and feel like you’re at home. I think we made something special.”

Witness the glimpses of the mind-boggling massive project undertaken to create ‘Foundation’:

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