Firsts season 6 on Dice Media: Couple steps into parenthood

Dice Media has released the trailer of its original series ‘Firsts’ Season 6. It will be available for streaming on YouTube and Facebook from August 13.

Firsts Season 6 follows a couple, Pakhi and Ankur, as they welcome a third member to their family. The trailer shows the indecision and dilemma of the couple regarding whether to keep the baby or not.

The other part of the trailer shows the sheer joy of the couple as they prepare themselves for new beginnings, and experience things for the first time.

The new season features Tara Alisha Berry and Karan Jotwani in the lead roles. 

The previous seasons of Firsts are centered on specific themes. The first season featuring Rohan Shah and Apoorva Arora is a heart-warming tale of a first crush.

The second season followed a real-life couple Kriti Vij and Pranay Manchanda, as they attempt to stay connected during lockdown through the use of technology,

The third season explores a homosexual relationship between two women, Ritu and Lavanya, played by Himika Bose and Shreya Gupto, as they move in together during the lockdown. 

The fourth season follows the concept of arrange marriage through the lives of Kabir and Janhavi, played by Shreya Mehta & Rohan Khurana.

The fifth season, featuring Simran Natekar and Aakashdeep Arora, explores blooming love between a specially-abled person and a college fresher.

Firsts season 6 also promises to be a heartfelt drama with a similar vibe which the previous seasons had.

Watch the official trailer:

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