Finding Ola: Release date, cast and trailer

‘Finding Ola’ is the story of Ola Abdel Sabour who thinks she is leading a happy and satisfied life until a life-altering event challenges all her beliefs about herself. She has to cope with her new responsibilities while also trying to rediscover herself.

Release Date

Season 1 of ‘Finding Ola’ premieres on Netflix on February 3.

Cast and creators

  • Hend Sabry
  • Hany Adel
  • Sawsan Badr

Directed by: Hadi El Bagoury

Executive Producer: Hend Sabry


“After a life-altering event, Ola embarks on a journey of self-discovery while dealing with the challenges of raising two children and making ends meet.”

Other Details

‘Finding Ola’ is a reprise of the 2010 Arabic show, Ayza Atgawez (I Want to Get Married). However, the makers have pointed out that you don’t need to have watched the original show to follow ‘Finding Ola’.


Ola is seen breaking the fourth wall as she catches up the viewers with her life. Ten years ago Ola was obsessed with getting married but now she is coping with a divorce and attempts to bring back love in her life.

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