Feria: Release date, cast and trailer

Feria is a Spanish language thriller series that focuses on two sisters who are informed that their parents might be involved in a heinous crime and how this news affects their lives going forward.

Release date

Feria is set to begin streaming on Netflix on January 28, 2022.

Cast and creators

  • Marta Nieto
  • Ana Tomeno
  • Carla Campra
  • Angela Cremonte
  • Isak Ferriz
  • Patricia Lopez Arnaiz

Created by: Agustín Martinez, Carlos Montero


“Feria, Andalusia, mid-1990s. Two sisters, Eva and Sofía, discover that their missing parents are actually two monsters who, before disappearing, committed a horrendous crime that cost the lives of 23 victims. The two sisters have to face the consequences of their parents’ doing in a town where its inhabitants are not as naive as they seem and reality hides a fantastical universe.”


Eva and Sofia are visited by the police who question them about the whereabouts of their parents before letting them know that their parents were most likely part of a cult that was involved in a mass suicide that has rocked the core of their small town.

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