‘Fatma’ on Netflix follows serial murders by the unexpected

Netflix has released the trailer for ‘Fatma’, a Turkish crime thriller series. Burcu Biricik, Hazal Türesan and Ugur Yücel star in the show.

The story is based around Fatma (Burcu Biricik) a cleaner, who commits a murder in her attempt to search for her lost husband Zafer. She meets with the least suspicion, as she is underestimated and considered incapable of such a deed.

Eventually, murder becomes her sole mode of survival and she is entangled in a web of lies and conspiracies that the show sheds light on.

The official description reads: “This is your story Fatma, one that starts with a simple search for Zafer but ends up with a lot of mess that needs to be cleaned up.”

Lead actor Biricik stated in an interview: “I saw this story as a woman striving for her existence and to survive in a male-dominated world. I also see the story of Fatma as a metaphorical way to explain our inner struggles as women.”

The series will stream on Netflix from 27 April. Watch the trailer:

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