Eros Now’s ‘Hindmata’ sheds light on lives of women in prison

Eros Now has announced the release of the original series ‘Hindmata’. The web series based on contrasting lifestyles of women will start streaming from March 31, 2021.

Directed by Srishti Jayin and produced by Manor Rama Pictures, ‘Hindmata’ is an ensemble of women with different emotions, beliefs and thinking abilities. The comedy web series centres around an all-women prison with the same name as the show.

The story of ‘Hindmata’ covers the survival tactics of prisoners with conflicting ideals. Enters a fashion designer offering a skill development program to them. But are there any hidden selfish objectives behind her scheme?

Two sets of poles apart personalities have one shared goal of delivering 300 dresses in 3 months. ‘Hindmata’ portrays the entertaining tale of women who leave their differences aside and struggle to get along.

Written by Riddhi Kachhela, the show chronicles the self-discovering journey of the women characters played by Rashi Mal, Manasi Rachh, Jayshree, Shruti Jolly, Trupti Khamkhar, Surbhi Sehgal and Naina Sareen.

Check out the official trailer:

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