‘Enter the Anime’: In conversation with the masterminds

Netflix has released a new documentary that delves into the history and culture of live Japanese animation titled, Enter the Anime. It features Alex Burunova as she discovers the various mysteries surrounding the genre and sheds light on some lesser-known facts.

'Enter the Anime': In conversation with the masterminds 1
Source: Netflix

A newbie to the world of anime herself, Burunova attempts to design a handbook facsimile for fellow newbies with this film. It features interviews with well-known anime creators, who reveal the history of anime, educate viewers on their creative process, and give insight into the 20th century’s most celebrated and culturally influential live art form in the global scenario.

Burunova ventures into the history and expansion of anime’s influence and popularity over time, while in conversation with several legendary Japanese anime creators like Toshiki Hirano (Shaolin Sisters), Tetsuya Kinoshita (Producer, Attack on Titan), Seiji Kishi (Director, Kengan Ashura), Kozo Morishita (Chairman, Toei Animation – Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Digimon, Slam Dunk, One Piece), Yoko Takahashi (Singer, official soundtracks – Evangelion, Shakugan no Shana).

Along with Masahito Kobayashi (Director, Rilakkuma and Kaoru), Naoko Ogigami (Writer, Rilakkuma and Kaoru), Rarecho (Director, Aggretsuko), Yukio Takahashi (Director, 7SEEDS), Shinji Aramaki and Kenji Kamiyama (Directors, Ultraman), Hiroyuki Shesita (Director, Godzilla Franchise), Rui Koroki (Producer, B: The Beginning) and more.

It also features newer anime storytellers whose work streaming platforms like Netflix are promoting and focusing on, including Adi Shankar (Executive Producer, Castlevania) and LeSean Thomas (The Legend of Korra, Cannon Busters, Yasuke).

Netflix has several original projects lined-up and production partnerships with several top-notch anime houses.

Enter the Anime was released on the streaming site on 5 August, 2019.

Watch the trailer here:

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