Netflix documentary ‘Elephant Whisperers’ shortlisted for 95th Oscars

Netflix’s documentary film ‘Elephant Whisperers’ has been shortlisted for nomination in the ‘Documentary Short Film’ category for the 95th Academy Awards.

The nomination voting will commence on January 12, running till the 17th. The final nominations will be announced on January 24.

The documentary film follows a couple in South India, who devote their lives to taking care of a baby elephant named Raghu, creating a unique bond between humans and animals.

Director and Executive Producer, Kartiki Gonsalves said: “I am so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to work on this short Documentary and incredibly happy to have been shortlisted for the 95th Oscars Awards.

“As a close observer of the bond between careers and elephants, I was charmed to see their heartwarming relationship grow. I am very glad this story has gone to the hearts of millions and so thankful to Netflix for believing in the story and supporting us along this journey.”

Producer Guneet Monga added: “The opportunity to bring a true heartland story from the beautiful Mudumalai Tiger Reserve in the state of Tamil Nadu, India, to a global stage is truly rewarding. Sikhya has always thrived to tell unique stories from local perspectives with global impact.

“One couldn’t have asked for a better platform than Netflix to take this story to a global audience. Director Kartiki shares an intimate connection with the story for years and has articulated the relationship between the elephant and its caretakers so beautifully!

“It’s a great year for India at the Oscars and while we cherish this moment, we hope that all our films go all the way and continue to represent the exciting array of Pan India stories.”

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