El Camino: Teaser out for Breaking Bad movie

One of the most-watched series of all time ‘Breaking Bad’ is getting its own movie; titled ‘El Camino’.

Not much is known about the upcoming film except a release date and the fact that Jesse Pinkman will definitely be there. The one-minute teaser shows a supposed drug pusher ‘Skinny Pete’ locked in an interrogation with the police discussing Jesse.

The dingy room along with the revelation that Jesse is still on the run and hasn’t been caught yet is exciting, to say the least. However, it isn’t yet known whether any other characters from the original series will make a comeback. Skinny Pete himself could feature as a character.


Netflix earlier accidentally leaked the news as users saw a placeholder image for the upcoming title. El Camino will be directed by Vince Gilligan and will ready to stream on 10th September. Check out the teasers and mark your calendars, Breaking Bad is back.

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