‘Dubai Bling’ on Netflix to stream on October 27

Netflix has announced the release date for its upcoming Arabic reality show titled ‘Dubai Bling’. It will start streaming on October 27.

The show takes you on a journey to experience the affluent lifestyle of the city. It will focus on 10 millionaires living lavishly within the bling of Dubai.

According to the official description:

“Reflecting the melting pot of cultures in the city, the predominantly Arab cast stars some well-known faces from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait and Iraq as well as expats from as far afield as India and Australia, who now call Dubai home. Despite the casts’ diverse backgrounds, nationalities and occupations, they all have one thing in common: getting to the top and staying on top.

“Set against the backdrop of luxury cars, runway-fresh fashion, exotic resorts and exclusive access to the city’s most popular restaurants and late night hotspots, we follow the cast in their daily lives. It’s not long before the competition between friends heats up and secrets are revealed, causing problems, sassy clapbacks and a whole lot of drama.”

Check out the date announcement video:

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