Do Revenge: Release date, cast, synopsis, teaser, trailer & more

Do Revenge is an upcoming dark teen comedy film featuring the story of two high school girls joining hands for vengeance on those who wronged them. 

Release date

Do Revenge is all set to premiere on September 16, 2022, exclusively on Netflix.

Cast & creators

  • Camilla Mendes
  • Maya Hawke
  • Alisha Boe
  • Austin Abrams
  • Jonathan Daviss
  • Rish Shah
  • Ava Capri 
  • Maia Reficco 
  • Paris Berelc 
  • Talia Ryder

Created by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson and Celeste Ballard


“A dethroned queen bee at a posh private high school strikes a secret deal with an unassuming new student to exact revenge on each other’s enemies”

Other details

The film features an ensemble with actors from some of the most popular and acclaimed YA shows like Stranger Things, Riverdale, Love, Victor, 13 Reasons Why, Euphoria, Outer Banks and Ms Marvel. 

Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) is also set to make a cameo.

Creators Robinson and Ballard have been associated with other hit movies like Someone Great and Thor: Love and Thunder.


Drea is distressed and angered by the wrongdoings of a popular boy in school. She teams up with Eleanor, another victim of false accusations and rumours.

Together, they devise a plan to seek or rather ‘do’ revenge, as Drea suggests.


Eleanor and Drea bond over the fact that they were both betrayed by the people they trusted the most. Drea’s boyfriend shared an intimate video of hers online while Eleanor had a dirty rumour spread about her by someone. They decide to join forces and humiliate the people who ruined them and expose them for who they really are.

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