Disney+ announces a live-action Lilo and Stitch remake

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Reports surfaced about a potential live-action Lilo & Stitch remake back in October 2018, but the hype died down. Until their big announcement a couple of days ago. 

The remake of Lilo & Stitch is slated to start production in Hawaii later this year, with a release date planned for 2021.

Stylistically, it’s going to be a CGI-Live action hybrid similar to the massively successful Jungle Book. The film is going straight to the small screen as the studio preps for this to be one of their first Disney + original movies.

DisInsider has also reported that Chris Sanders, the original voice for Stitch will reprise his role as the beloved alien-like dog. For those unfamiliar with the fan favourite, the synopsis is:

The film’s story revolves around two eccentric and mischievous individuals: a young Hawaiian girl named Lilo Pelekai, who is raised by her older sister Nani after their parents died in a car accident, and a blue extraterrestrial animal-like creature named Experiment 626, who gets adopted by Lilo as her “dog” and is given the name “Stitch”. Stitch, who is genetically engineered by his scientist creator to cause chaos and destruction, initially uses Lilo to avoid being captured by an intergalactic federation, but the two individuals develop a close bond through the Hawaiian concept of ʻohana, or extended family.

Check out the original trailer below:

The Lilo & Stitch remake will also be the first post-2000’s remake, so far Disney remade live-action versions of 90’s classics like Aladdin, The Jungle Book, and The Lion King.

However, die-hard Lilo & Stitch fans seem to be a bit skeptical about the announcement.

While some aren’t too excited, some are stoked to see the return of the film’s resident heartthrob David Kawena.

Disney has previously come under fire for whitewashing some of their characters. However, fans of the original are adamant that Disney accurately depicts the film’s Hawaiian heritage and characters.

It’ll be interesting to see how Disney will introduce a dynamic and erratic CGI Stitch into the real world. Are you dreading this remake or are you excited? Let us know!

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