Dabur Honey Hello Fitness: ZEE5 reveals fit celebrities’ secret mantras

ZEE5 has released the teaser of ‘Dabur Honey Hello Fitness’, hosted by Karan Wahi, which promises to reveal fitness secrets of celebrities. It will release on June 29.

It will take you into the celebrities’ house, kitchen and workout area and divulge their daily drills and diet routine.

The teaser shows the host giving out five steps to fitness: Get up from your bed, put on your fitness clothes, log into the streaming platform, watch Dabur Honey Hello Fitness, learn his and other celebrities fitness secrets.

ZEE5 has been very active even as production has been halted due to COVID-19. Apart from completing post-production and releasing original web series such as Lalbazaar and Unlock, it has also created shows during the pandemic in unique ways.

These include Bhalla Calling Bhalla and Never Kiss Your Best Friend: Lockdown Special, both of which were shot from the actors’ houses. Dabur Honey Hello Fitness will likely follow this format.

Here’s the teaser:

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