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Crime Scene on Netflix: Mystery of Cecil hotel unfurls

Netflix has released the trailer for ‘Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel’, a documentary series throwing light on the death of student Elisa Lam under mysterious circumstances in 2013.

Crime Scene is set to stream on the platform from February. The series is directed by Joe Berlinger, who has also directed the docuseries ‘Ted Bundy Tapes’ which was about the infamous serial killer, and is also available on Netflix.

The Cecil Hotel is notorious for being the spot of some of the worst crimes in Los Angeles, including some criminal activities by serial killers. The case this series attempts to demystify is the disappearance and later death of college student Lam, which had taken the social media by storm.

It can be noted that a large part of the internet frenzy regarding the case was due to the supposed similarities with the 2002 horror-film Dark Water. Director Berlinger, however, stated that he does not intend to make a sensational drama out of the incidents, and instead focus on the details of the event.

The makers of Crime Scene have gone around investigating various previously discarded evidence such as the recordings of a CCTV camera in the elevators. The sensation and the layer of mystery that surrounded the case has prevented certain truths about it from being uncovered.

The hotel in question has existed for more than a century, and is dwindled with dark secrets. The series will throw light on lost facts about the case that the makers have retraced to the surface.

Watch a glimpse of the mystery unfurl in the trailer:

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