Coolie No. 1 rated 1.4 on IMDb rating a day after release

Amazon Prime Video recently released Coolie No. 1 on the platform. While most critics gave it negative reviews, audience also seems to agree.

One day after its release, the rating dropped down to 1.4 on IMDb. Most commercial Bollywood films have been slammed by people using a low IMDB rating, but Coolie No. 1 was exceptionally disliked.

Ever since the trailer came out, there was anticipation about this David Dhawan directorial. The film became the most viewed across all OTT platforms on the day of Christmas. But to the dismay of makers, this was clearly not because it was liked by people.

The film has been receiving all kinds of reactions from netizens on Twitter. From the logically impossible train sequence, to the screenplay, people have been tweeting about everything.

In a particular sequence from the film, Dhawan’s character is seen rescuing a deaf child from getting crushed by a train. While this was supposed to be heroic, people can’t stop wondering how this makes sense.

Some people even reminisced watching the original Coolie No. 1 instead of watching its remake.

With films, IMDb ratings usually decrease as time progresses. After a while, it gets stagnant after coming down a notch. One can’t imagine what happens to Coolie No. 1 in this case.

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