Close Enough: HBO Max’s upcoming animated adult comedy

HBO Max has released the trailer for their new show Close Enough. It is an animated adult comedy series about a couple’s lives, transitioning from their 20s to 30s, created by Regular Show creator JG Quintel.

Close Enough was initially meant to air as a television series on TBS in 2017 but was later tossed to HBO Max.

Last month on twitter, Quintel announced that the series will be available to watch from July 9.

The series narrates incidences of how a couple with a daughter tries to get close enough to being the perfect family.  

The Series is produced by Cartoon Network Studios which also produced Quintel’s first series, Regular Show for which he won an Emmy Award.

The HBO Max official description states 

From JG Quintel, creator of Regular Show comes Close Enough, a surreal animated comedy about a married couple, their five-year-old daughter, and their two divorced roommates all living together in LA. They’re navigating that transitional time in your 30s when life is about growing up, but not growing old. It’s about juggling work, kids, and pursuing your dreams, while also avoiding stripper clowns and murderous mannequins.  Their life may not be ideal but for now, it’s close enough.

Other than Close Enough, HBO Max also has other animated series which include The Prince, Santa Inc., and a reboot of the classic The Boondocks in the pipeline.

JG Quintel, Gabrielle Walsh, Jessica DiCicco, James Adomian, and Danielle Brooks have given their voices for the show.

Check out the Trailer below:

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