Roll Rida and Tharun Bhascker hum Telugu rap Cinema Theesinam

Fans are up and grooving to the new-age rap Cinema Theesinam of Keep Rolling’s independent web film Manishi Brathuku Inthe. Roll Rida and Tharun Bhascher have succeeded at grasping the essence of the film and showcasing it through the rap. 

Manishi Brathuku Inthe, an indie comedy film, is about the protagonist (Siddharth Reddy) conquering depression. “Usually depression is shown in a grim dark way in movies but we believe there is a funny side to it,” say the filmmakers. 

The makers have aptly collaborated with Bhascker to be a part of the film’s promotional journey, for the director-turned-actor is known to encourage new talent and give a helping hand in Tollywood.

Apart from singing Cinema Theesinam, Bhascker also made the music video in the record time of one day. 

It was challenging to stay at home and make a lyrical video using the iPhone’s emojis and some after effects plugins. Here it goes ! A fun experiment to promote a fellow filmmaker’s indie film !More power to Telugu cinema.



Rida, a big name in Telugu rap, also complements the track and film lucratively with his enormous fan-base. 

Manishi Brathuku Inthe also features Revanth, is written, directed and edited by Varun Reddy and filmed by Rohit Bachu. 

Watch Cinema Theesinam below and join the chants:

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