Cinderella on Amazon Prime Video: Beyond the classic tale

Amazon Prime Video has released the official trailer for their new original movie, ‘Cinderella.’ The modern fairy-tale stars Camila Cabello as the runaway princess.

Cabello’s Cinderella wishes to make a name for herself by selling her signature dresses in her own shop — Dresses by Ella. As per the traditional plot, she is denied by her evil stepmother, Vivian, to attend the Royal Ball held by the King. But her godmother stops in to save the day, a tale as old as the day. 

However, in a slight turn of events, as our modern Cinderella leaves the Prince at midnight, she says: “I’ve dreams I’ve to chase.” Straying further away, in this version of the Grimm Brothers’ tale, Vivian encourages our lead to marry the Prince but instead, it’s our lead who refuses.

Besides Cabello, the musical’s cast includes Nicholas Galitzine, Idina Menzel, Billy Porter, James Corden, Romesh Ranganathan, James Acaster, Minnie Driver, Maddie Baillio, Charlotte Spencer, Missy Elliott, Tallulah Greive, Mary Higgins, Luke Latchman, Fra Fee, and Beverley Knight.

Directed and written by Kay Cannon, ‘Cinderella’ is co-produced by Corden, Leo Pearlman, Jonathan Kadin, and Shannon McIntosh.

‘Cinderella’ premieres worldwide on September 3, only on Amazon Prime Video.

Watch the trailer: 

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