Churails: Pakistan’s bold all women detective squad on ZEE5

ZEE5 recently launched the trailer for their first Pakistani web series Churails, a story of a group of women set to expose the unfaithful husbands of the city.

Set in the city of Karachi in Pakistan, a group of women with different backgrounds form a squad to take on secret detective work for the ladies of the city who doubt that their husbands of infidelity. The show aims to question the hypocrisy of patriarchal societies that vanquish women and their rights.

In the trailer, the four leads can be seen interviewing women who are young, beautiful, and can talk their way out of anything to spy on their targets. The little spark has now turned into a wildfire throwing light on the dark faces of unfaithful men.

But things go south for this adventurous spying startup when a murder is reported and a girl from the gang goes missing. The pressure starts to get on everybody’s head followed by differences and disagreements. As everything starts falling apart, the team switches to damage control mode.

Directed by critically acclaimed director, Asim Abbasi, Churails brings together a talented ensemble cast led by Sarwat Gilani, Nimra Bucha, Mehar Bano, and Yasra Rizvi for this power-packed narrative. 

Director Asim Abbasi said:

“Zindagi’s commitment to truly original content that has a voice and can transcend borders, has provided me with the perfect platform to create a show like CHURAILS. A story about strong women, embarking on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and sisterhood, I believe Churails is a timely show with pertinent themes that will resonate with audiences globally. It is set to premiere 11 the Aug on ZEE5, giving CHURAILS the reach it deserves.”

The gripping and fast-paced storyline covers myriad issues such as child abuse, sexism, the domination of the class, and race. 

Recently, ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Ltd announced the return of its much-loved content brand Zindagi on ZEE5. Churails is the first in the lineup of upcoming content in the Phase II of Zindagi. 

Check out the trailer for Churails below:

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