Chris Evans to play ‘unique’ villain in Netflix’s ‘The Gray Man’

Anthony and Joe Russo teased Chris Evans’ villainous role in their Netflix film ‘The Gray Man’ on the Lights Camera Barstool podcast.

The Russo Brothers called ‘The Gray Man’ a “modern interpretation of a spy thriller,” adding that it is highly inspired by the ‘Bond’ franchise.

The director duo further described it as “a big pop culture film infused with modern thematics and politics”.

Speaking about Evans’ character, Joe Russo said:

“He’s a really unique character, and this is Evans as a villain so it’s a really interesting character and I think he’s going to get to flex quite a bit in this role.”

While ‘The Gray Man’ stars Evans as the antagonist, Lloyd Hansen, it has Ryan Gosling playing the lead role, Court Gentry, a CIA operative-turned assassin. The spy thriller also stars Ana de Armas.

‘The Gray Man’ is being touted as Netflix’s most expensive feature film till date.

Production for the film was set to begin in 2020 but got delayed due to the pandemic. Now, filming is likely to commence in March 2021.

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