Child of Kamiari Month: Release date, cast and trailer

‘Child of Kamiari Month’ is a Netflix anime film that follows a girl, Kanna, who learns of her fate and must fulfil it.

Release date

Child of Kamiari Month premieres on Netflix on February 8.

Cast and creators

Directed by: Takana Shirai


“A year after losing her mother, a little girl learns that she must journey across Japan to the annual gathering of gods in the sacred land of Izumo.”

Other details

The film was released in theatres in Japan on October 8. It will get a worldwide release through the platform.


12-year-old Kanna mourns her mother’s death one year later, but suddenly, her amulet starts glowing, and everything comes to a standstill. She is told that she is a descendant of the Gods and must fulfil her legacy.

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