Chefs vs Wild: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

Chefs vs Wild is a competition series wherein world-class chefs will have to forage for ingredients in the wilderness and create a restaurant-worthy meal out of it.

Release date

Chefs vs Wild will be released on Netflix on September 26.

Cast and creators

  • Kiran Jethwa
  • Valerie Segrest
  • Chef Sammy Monsour
  • Chef Viet Pham
  • Chef Nico Albert
  • Chef Alan Bergo

Produced by Leftfield Pictures, Vox Media Studios, and Majordomo Media

Executive produced by Stephen Rankin


“Reaching the peak of the culinary world has never been this demanding. In each episode of Chefs vs. Wild, two different world-class chefs will be dropped into the wilderness where they’ll embark on a grueling and unprecedented mission – survive and forage enough wild ingredients to create a restaurant-worthy, five-star meal.

“Episodes will culminate in the chefs going head-to-head in a wilderness kitchen, using their foraged ingredients and ingenuity to create savoury dishes and, ultimately, impress the judges.”

Other details

The show will have eight episodes, with Kiran Jethwa- a renowned chef and adventurer hosting and judging along with Valerie Segrest, a wild foods expert.


Chefs vs Wild challenges chefs to come out into the wilderness and hunt for ingredients to create a mouthwatering dish to present to the judges. From chopping up their own wood to gathering often obscure ingredients, the 2 chefs per episode will try it all.

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