Castlevania season 4 premieres on May 13, Netflix announces

Season 4 of Netflix original anime series ‘Castlevania’ will premiere on May 13, the platform has announced.

The fourth season was announced over a year ago after the success of season 3.

The series revolves around monster hunter Trevor Belmont and witch Sypha Belnades, who team up with Dracula’s son Alucard to take down his father.

The cause of Dracula’s rampage is his wife getting killed by humans who mistake her scientific knowledge for witchcraft. He aims for revenge against humanity.

While the original storyline concluded in season 2, the third season proved there are enough threats left against humans. Furthermore, there seems to be a sinister plan aimed at reviving Dracula.

It has already been revealed that the upcoming Castlevania season will be the final one, although more series in the same universe are reportedly planned.

Here’s the official trailer:

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